What’s my why?

I love getting behind a good story and sharing it to make a positive difference


I believe your story is your strength. Here is my story.


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The Short Story

My name is Jordan benShea, I am a strategic consultant helping businesses and nonprofits define, sculpt, and share their story.

The Longer Story

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and graduated from University of California at Berkeley before heading out to oversee marketing departments in industries ranging from email marketing, to biometrics, to fitness manufacturing.

In 2008 I realized I wanted more direct contact with my clients to focus on what was in their best interest. I wanted to utilize my skills on a one-on-one basis to help businesses and organizations share their story. Gathering from my professional experience I started to mold a business that would leverage my strategic mindset to take the best of the corporate world and combine it with the freedom of designing my own day. Around this time social media started to make an impact and I submerged myself in the all the aspects; listening, strategizing, participating, joining webinars, writing blog posts, navigating Facebook, creating Twitter lists, managing YouTube channels, and absorbing myself in each new platform. From this I developed a strategy of combining traditional, digital, and social marketing for my clients while focusing on the strength of their story, and they loved the approach.

As time went on my avid appreciation for giving back started to play more of role in my career and I began to utilize my strategic marketing knowledge and storytelling with my passion for the nonprofit world. Similarly to how I absorbed myself in social media, I did the same with the nonprofit experience and began to serve on a few nonprofit boards, becoming more involved in all aspects nonprofit. As my client base grew, so did my nonprofit knowledge and now I am spending more and more time helping nonprofits share their story, develop their board and engage with their community.

Sometimes my client projects require additional services outside my strategic consulting scope, for these instances I have carefully cultivated a team of both freelancers and partners who are experts in their fields and employ their talents when needed.

SkyView Projects provides the opportunity for me to meet wonderful people doing amazing things, and through that has come the opportunity to give back, you can learn more on the giving page.

Take a look around, check out the type of work I enjoy, and let’s talk story.